Dancing with Demons

Scott Adams is foolishly flirting with the supernatural by practicing magick. Unless he turns to Jesus Christ, this won’t end well.

Here’s weird story I promise is true: Yesterday I had an almost hallucinogenic experience of communicating with the creators of the Simulation. I spoke with “them” out loud for about thirty minutes and could feel a presence. But I was skeptical. I offered “them” a challenge…

I asked “them” to prove I was in a Simulation by solving a problem I had experienced for months: my knees were continually sore from exercise. So… I asked the creators of the Simulation to make my knee pain go away, and to do so instantly. That would be the test. My knees hurt when I asked. And then…

My knee pain disappeared. Instantly. And there is zero pain today as well. I don’t know what it means. I only know it happened. If it sometimes seems as if I am authoring reality right in front of you, you might not be wrong. But the placebo effect is also an explanation.

Scott Adams, 28 November 2022

This is why rational materialism is so dangerous. It permits the curious rational materialist to believe his little dabbles into the esoteric are innocent and entirely harmless, when in reality they are a steeper and much faster pathway to the same destination to which the broad and easy path leads.

He wasn’t communicating with the creators of the Simulation, he was communicating with the viral pathogens of the Simulation, which is a secular philosopher’s variant on my God as Game Designer metaphor. But just as an NPC can affect game world results, such as the healing of a player-character, the viral pathogens of the Simulation can respond to an individual’s requests and even choose to grant them.

What it means is that Scott Adams is practicing magick, he just doesn’t realize it yet. He’s in a very low, desperate, and vulnerable state of mind, and, as is their wont, the demons are preying on that.

Set aside the Bible for the nonce. Have none of these “great intellectuals” ever even heard of Faust?