They Think They Don’t Like it NOW

British football fans are upset that the Islamic Kingdom of Qatar is not going to permit them to drink beer in the stadiums of the World Cup matches.

Fifa has banned the sale of alcohol at Qatar World Cup stadiums just 48 hours before the tournament starts with sponsor Budweiser trying to make light of the news. The beer brand’s Twitter feed posted ‘well, this is awkward…’ moments before Fifa confirmed that alcohol sales will be confined to special ‘fan zones’ where pints cost £12, are only available at certain times, and are limited to four per person.

Plans had called for alcohol to be sold on stadium concourses, but this will now not happen – reportedly after pressure from Qatar’s all-powerful royal family. Alcohol will be available as normal in licenced hotels and restaurants… It is just the latest controversy to plague an already fraught World Cup – the first to be held in a Muslim nation – which has thrown football’s governing ethos and traditional trappings into conflict with the hosts’ conservative interpretation of Islam.

Just wait until the Muslims who rule London and other formerly English cities begin banning alchohol in those areas.

I find it extraordinary how people who obviously recognize that American Indians no longer make the laws or define the social mores in the United States and celebrate the fact that Arabs no longer make the laws or define the social mores in Israel, continually fail to grasp that their laws and their social mores are not going to survive the mass immigration into their countries.

No beer and no homosexuality? Whatever is anyone going to do for fun around over there?

As I contemplate the plight of the poor gay peasants over a glass of nice Spanish Tempernillo, a single tear traces its way down my face.