On Returning to Twitter

I don’t see any reason to do so. SocialGalactic is my primary social media, and for public social media I have more followers on Gab than I did on Twitter – 34.5k vs 33k. I see Musk’s antics as just another exercise in gatekeeping, since Parler, Gettr, and TruthSocial have all abysmally failed.. As evidence, consider the way in which those who were never banned or censored are pushing the “come back in, the water’s safe now” narrative in the wake of Musk’s purchase.

The ticket-takers always support the gatekeepers. The charlatans back the frauds.

Caveat: I won’t criticize businesses that utilize every possible channel to reach their customers. Especially in this age of dysfunctional email, any means of communication should be utilized. Arkhaven and Castalia have had Twitter accounts all along, so we’ll probably make use of them again at some point.