She Lived Up to Her Name

The Human Handgrenade pulls the pin on her premiership after a record 44-days:

Liz Truss dramatically admitted defeat and announced she is quitting as PM today with Westminster gearing up for Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak to do ‘battle for the soul’ of the party.

After just 44 disastrous days in No10, Ms Truss took to a lectern outside the famous black door to confirm her departure, sealing her fate as the shortest-serving premier in modern political history.

Revealing she had informed the King of her decision, she said: ‘I cannot deliver on the mandate…. I will remain as PM until a successor has been chosen.’

Ms Truss – who insisted she was a ‘fighter not a quitter’ barely 24 hours ago – said the Tory leadership contest will be completed over the next week.

Somewhere, Dominick Cummings is laughing himself sick.

“Liz Truss’s cabinet is the U.K.’s first without a White man in top office.”
6 September 2022

I wonder if anyone in the media will apply Ockham’s Razor there. Almost certainly not.