Yes, And?

A white individual complains about a preference for black employees:

I know a company diversity officer whose salary is $160k plus bonuses. His entire job revolves around how to avoid hiring qualified whites for unqualified blacks. He also provides special treatment and exceptions to blacks for their underperformance which is about 95 percent of them.

Not long ago, he offered a corporate scholarship to a black graduate student. This student ultimately scored in the BOTTOM 10 percent of his class and was hired to a position when hundreds of white candidates scoring in the TOP 10 percent of their class were not hired because they were white.

So what? Why shouldn’t a corporation hire whomever they want to hire? Isn’t that what free association is all about?

Of course the deck is stacked. That’s fine! All they’re doing is creating opportunity while teaching you that all that equalitarian nonsense about meritocracies and equal opportunities was a lie from the start.

Stop believing nonsense and start looking out for the interest of your family, your community, and your people. There is no such thing as “equality” or an “idea nation” and life isn’t fair.