Chinese Flee Ukraine

It would appear the Special Military Operation in Ukraine is about to transform into actual war between Russia and NATO:

Some Chinese nationals still in Ukraine have signed up for evacuation from the country, with most registering for organized evacuations, while others are preparing to leave Ukraine on their own, the Global Times learned on Sunday, after the Chinese Foreign Ministry urged Chinese citizens to leave Ukraine, citing the grave security situation.

The move, following the large-scale evacuation in March that safely returned some 6,000 Chinese nationals in Ukraine back to their motherland, represents the Chinese government’s greatest efforts to protect its citizens, as the Russia-Ukraine conflict further escalated, experts noted.

In a notice issued on Saturday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that given the grave security situation in Ukraine, it calls upon Chinese nationals still in the country to strengthen security precautions and evacuate the country. The Chinese embassy will assist the organization of evacuation for those in need, the notice said, while urging them to register their personal information to the embassy as soon as possible.

Chinese nationals in Ukraine sign up for evacuation after call from FM, Global Times, 16 October 2022

One has to assume that the Russian leadership is keeping its Chinese allies well-informed. And Russia’s warning shots have been uniformly ignored. The only real question at this point is if the Russian forces will limit their attacks to Ukrainian territory or if they will be targeting the NATO forces with whom they are actually at war outside of Ukraine.