Human Handgrenade Confirmed

The British Prime Minister is more than living up to her billing:

Liz Truss is less popular with the public than any of her immediate Tory predecessors ever were, new figures reveal today. The Prime Minister has an approval rating of -51, the lowest of any modern premier at this stage of their term in office.

Two thirds (67 per cent) of Brits told Ipsos they were dissatisfied with her performance, up 38 points in a month. And just 16 per cent were satisfied, a fall of 11 points as the public discover more about her.

Her net score is worse than the lowest scores ever achieved by Boris Johnson (-46), Theresa May (-44), David Cameron (-38) and Tony Blair (-44).

It equals Gordon Brown’s unpopularity in July 2008 during the financial crisis (-51), whilst John Major (-59) and Margaret Thatcher (-56) both slipped lower during their own economic crises in the 1980s and 1990s.

However, no PM has reached this low so quickly in their tenure.

Dominick Cummings certainly called this one correctly. It should be fascinating to see if Keir Starmer is as interested in “standing up to Putin” as Boris Johnson and Liz Truss were, and if Labour is going to be more amenable to letting Scotland end the union of the two kingdoms.