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Central Bank Liquidity Swap Operations
These swap facilities are designed to improve liquidity conditions in global money markets and to minimize the risk that strains abroad could spread to U.S. markets, by providing foreign central banks with the capacity to deliver U.S. dollar funding to institutions in their jurisdictions. The New York Fed undertakes certain small value transactions from time to time for the purpose of testing operational readiness. The results of the central bank liquidity swap operations and small value exercises of the central bank liquidity swap lines are published on a weekly basis when conducted.

Transfer to Swiss National Bank 10/05/2022 10/06/2022 10/13/2022 7 3.33 3,100,000,000

Now, why would the Federal Reserve be loaning $3.1 billion to the Swiss National Bank? Oh, yeah, I suppose that just might be why.

Credit Suisse Group AG may be facing a capital shortfall of up to 8 billion Swiss francs ($8 billion) in 2024, according to an analysis by Goldman Sachs Group Inc, underscoring the difficulties the troubled lender will face is it approaches what will likely be an extensive restructuring. Given the lender will need to restructure its investment banking operations during a period of “minimal” capital generation, it will face a shortfall of at least 4 billion francs, according to a team of analysts