They Still Believe

Steve Kirsch says that according to his CDC source, the bureaucrats at the CDC still genuinely believe the vaxx is safe and effective:

He believes that everyone at the CDC is drinking the Kool-Aid. In other words, as far as he knows, they all truly believe the vaccines are safe and effective, just like my blue-pilled friends. Even the top people. If there are any dissenters, they aren’t speaking up internally. How does this happen? It’s group-think. What happens to critical thinkers? They leave. I thought for sure people like Tom Shimabukuro and John Su knew what they were doing, but they are clueless. They are just like my academic doctor friends: they truly believe that vaccines are safe and I’m nuts. Wow. Just wow. I still don’t know (yet) how they can just brush off my point that they never point out the VAERS under-reporting factor during their presentations. However, it’s true they really believe there is no corruption and no need to protect whistleblowers. Check out this comment.

My Substack is blocked at the CDC. It is considered “unsafe.”

This isn’t even remotely surprising, because MPAI. Once you are successfully programmed, whether it is in childhood or adulthood, it is very difficult to break the programming through mere exposure to the actual facts of the matter. Remember that most people speak rhetoric; Aristotle explained this more than two thousand years ago.

It’s not until the guilt and shame over inflicting massive amounts of harm and death begin to affect their emotions, and the fear of repercussions and consequences to their actions begin to sink in, that the CDC bureaucrats will be able to rationally contemplate the situation.

This also applies to your friends and family who are vaxxed, particularly parents who vaxxed their children. They will go through any amount of mental gymnastics to avoid accepting the truth about what they have done to harm those they loved most.