Effective Rhetoric

“I hope you’re vaccinated” has been appearing in my DMs lately and I’m starting to think it’s the latest hate speech propaganda from the right. They’re essentially saying “I hope you experience severe suffering and death.” Even though the vaccines are safe, the way that they’re saying it is hateful.

Twitter, 9 September 2022

This is interesting because it demonstrates two things. First, people are gradually beginning to understand that being vaxxed is harmful and is linked in some way to a risk of dying. Second, the utilization of vaccinated status as a curse triggers an emotional reaction, thereby demonstrating the effectiveness of the rhetoric.

Most of the vaccinated are still coping more or less successfully, hence the statement about the safety of the vaccines. But the cracks in their neural programming are beginning to show. We’ll know the breakdown of that programming is complete when they start crying about how it’s not their fault that they’re vaccinated, how no one should be permitted to discriminate against the vaccinated, and complaining about the unfair advantages possessed by the unvaccinated.