Patreon Fires Security Team

This is not exactly a surprise, as anyone who was involved with the Big Bear dispute knows all about how wide-open the system was. But the much bigger problem is that for all that the media likes to pontificate about data privacy laws, neither the media nor the various justice systems have any interest in dealing with the companies who serially violate them on a daily basis.

The media won’t report the data breaches and no one else will hold them accountable, regardless of what the laws say.

So for better or for worse, I and the rest of the Patreon Security Team are no longer with the company. As a result, I’m looking for a new Security or Privacy Engineering role and would appreciate any connections, advice, or job opportunities from folks my network.

Emily Metcalfe, Security/Privacy Engineer, 8 September 2022

Here is my advice: find a new line of work. While I’m not exactly a fan of Patreon, it’s probably a good thing that they are replacing what was a nonexistent security system with something that might actually work.