A Clown, Dancing

Gavin McInnes belatedly comes clean about his oh-so-funny arrest hoax:

Gavin McInnes, the Proud Boys and Vice founder accused by detractors of being a right-wing, racist extremist, has resurfaced nearly two weeks after faking an on-air arrest by federal authorities in the middle of his live podcast to answer the pile of hate mail he’s received from fans since his stunt.

As we previously reported, McInnes appeared to be removed from his Bronx studio in the middle of his live Get Off My Lawn podcast on August 25, shortly after he began to address one or more seemingly uninvited, off-camera guests. McInnes then engaged in some cringe-inducing play acting about setting up a meeting between his lawyer and the unseen visitors. Within days, it was exposed as a hoax, with LAMag reporting exclusively that McInnes had been spotted trotting about the south of France.

On Tuesday, McInnes returned to his podcast where, first of all, he confirmed that France had indeed been among his family’s destinations since ditching the show to dupe his supporters… McInnes admitted that while casual devotees of his show were split on whatever it was he was trying to do, his true cultural offspring really hated it.

“So, as far as who liked this event, this project, and who didn’t, I’d say the viewers were about 50-50,” McInnes estimated. “But with Proud Boys it was like 80 percent, ‘Fuck Gavin McInnes.’”

I think McInnes’s reported numbers are about as credible as Amazon’s reported numbers for Dem Rangz o’ Power. I don’t see how anyone could possibly like the so-called event; it was always a lose-lose proposition.

But don’t forget what McInnes admitted, because it’s true of many, if not most, of political commentators. “I am a clown dancing for your entertainment!”