Wednesday Arktoons

JEWELS OF GWAHLUR Episode 3: The Abandoned City

THE STRANDED Episode 37: Planning the Assault

CHESTER AND FRIENDS Episode 14: Avocado Salsa

CHATEAU GRIEF Episode 136: Nord have MRSA

SOMETHING BIG Episode 57: Thieves Like Me

Arktoons are ready to adapt issue two of The Legend of Boya, but we need a translator who can fluently speak Portuguese. This may lead to more opportunities to translate more Brazilian titles in the future. If you are able to help, please email: ArkhavenComics-at-outlook-dot-com


The oracle, men said, was the Princess Yelaya, the last ruler of Alkmeenon, who had died in the full bloom of her youth and beauty, and whose body had miraculously remained unblemished throughout the ages. Of old, priests had made their way into the haunted city, and she had taught them wisdom. The last priest to seek the oracle had been a wicked man, who had sought to steal for himself the curiously cut jewels that men called the Teeth of Gwahlur. But some doom had come upon him in the deserted palace, from which his acolytes, fleeing, had told tales of horror that had for a hundred years frightened the priests from the city and the oracle.

But Gorulga, the present high priest, as one confident in his knowledge of his own integrity, announced that he would go with a handful of followers to revive the ancient custom. And in the excitement tongues buzzed indiscreetly, and Conan caught the clue for which he had sought for weeks—the overheard whisper of a lesser priest that sent the Cimmerian stealing out of Keshia the night before the dawn when the priests were to start.