Post-EU Europe

It’s on the way. Beginning with Brexit, the European Union is proceeding along the path of previous European political and monetary unions toward extinction.

Germany’s Chancellor Scholz of the Social Democratic Party proposes an end to EU vetoes, starting in areas of foreign policy and taxation.

This is an open acknowledgement that the globalist vision of the European Union has comprehensively failed. As I mentioned on last night’s Darkstream, the European leaders are going to have to choose between standing by their professed principles and taking off the veil and revealing themselves to be naked authoritarians.

Naturally, I anticipate they will choose the latter, but the problem is that their authority is mostly perceived and it rests entirely upon the very principles that they will be abandoning. Their problem is further complicated by the fact that a) they don’t possess very much in the way of force and b) they are already at war with a superior enemy who could easily arm and supply the nationalist forces that are rising against them.

There is little need for politicians in a post-political world. And an end to the EU vetoes is an absolute guarantee of the end of the European Union in its current form.