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Screenrant lists the 9 best places to find comics on the Internet:

An up-and-comer in comparison to Webtoon and Archive of Our Own, Arkhaven boasts nearly 8 million views to the website since it was launched, a respectable number that will no doubt continue to grow as long as the site remains active with compelling creators.

View counts vary between tens and thousands, depending on the comic, but lack of popularity isn’t always a marker of lower quality. Like most other user/creator-oriented comics websites, it’s built around engagement with the material. There are also preview images of each comic or comic installment that give viewers an excellent glimpse into what the style, and often the tone, of the comic involves.

9 Best Websites To Find Free Comics, Screenrant

And it’s only going to get better from here, as Marvel descends into absurdities that were literal jokes just a few years ago.

Lesbian-wheelchair-Spider…man(?). Or is it Spider-Wheelchair-Gay-Woman? Or SpiderTransMasculineFemale?

Oh, who the fuck can knows? They sure don’t!

I honestly, thought somebody was goofing on the fabulous Gay Spiderman but no, zhe’s real alright.

Zhe swings into action with her wheelchair webbed to zhr back, (I’m using English language pronouns from here on *out). And her web shoots from her walker crutches instead of her wrists because webs can be empowered too.

The creator of this Woke Frankenstein’s Monster of a Spider-Man is, naturally, a Woke Doctor Frankenstein herself. Ty Franklin proudly declaims herself to be a queer autistic black person, she also works on Harley Quinn. Yeah, I figured.

Apparently, this new hero is called Sun-Spider and her real name is Charlotte Webber.

Charlotte Webber. Like Charlotte’s Web, get it? And lest you think anyone is exaggerating, here is the exciting disabled lesbian spiderperson zherself.