Enforcing the Beautiful

The Chinese government may, or may not, be devoted to the Good or the True, but unlike the corrupted and converged governments of the West, it still defends the Beautiful:

Twenty-seven people were penalized for weird-looking illustrations in school mathematics textbooks that had sparked a furor online.

Investigations by the Ministry of Education found that the illustrations in the textbooks, which were published in 2013 by People’s Education Press, were not in line with “public aesthetics,” and some of them were “ugly.” The illustrations “fail to embody the positive images of Chinese children.”

Some of the illustrations contain “inappropriate elements,” and are “not precisely drawn, which might lead to some misunderstanding.”

The response to the evils of what passes for “modern art” should have, at the very least, involved serious consequences, up to and including capital punishment.

If, at this point, you still believe “free speech” and “free expression” are Christian values, or even civilization-compatible values, you have not been paying attention. They aren’t even satanic values, they are simply anti-civilizational weapons.