Volunteers Wanted

Booster Patrol is looking for people who would like to be in a video.

BOOSTER PATROL: God’s Gonna Cut You Down version 1.2.

GGCYD v1.0 video

Looking for many more closeup videos of people lipsyncing to the song, as seen in the video. Please lipsync to the Booster Patrol version rather than the Johnny Cash version, as the tempo and timing are not the same. Make sure the audio that you’re lipsyncing to can be heard in your video clip, so we can sync it up to the track correctly. Video needs to be shot in ‘landscape’ orientation, at 1920×1080 or higher. If using a newer iPhone, please don’t use “cinematic” mode, it can cause problems. Don’t worry about shooting in black-and-white, that gets handled in Premiere.

Note: you don’t have to lipsync the entire song in a single video. In fact, please don’t! Two of the verses repeat several times – only need one of each per person. One verse per clip. If you want to sing each of the 4 unique verses, please do so! Video clips are too big to email around. They should be uploaded to OneDrive, iCloud, GoogleDrive, DropBox, or whatever, and then email bradley-AT-trilon-DOT-com a link to same.