Monday Arktoons

WARDOGS INC. Episode 1: Easy Money

JEWELS OF GWAHLUR: Episode 1: Paths of Intrigue

HYPERGAMOUSE Episode 68: Cool Aunty

EVIL MONKEY MEMES Episode 46: Run For Your Life

REBEL DEAD REVENGE Episode 38: Damn The Devil

CHUCK DIXON PRESENTS: WAR Episode 61: Iron Mike McGraw Gyrene Raid

SAVAGE MEMES Episode 155: Biology

Arkhaven Comics is very pleased to announce two new types of content on Arktoons, the text episode and the illustrated text episode. Today we’re introducing two new series to show them off: WARDOGS INC. is an example of text-only episodes while the public domain Conan story, JEWELS OF GWAHLUR, demonstrates the illustrated text episode with new art from SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN illustrator Richard Bonk.

We’ll be launching a number of new series of both types this week, including two by The Legend Chuck Dixon, and we look forward to independent authors who are interested in publishing in one of these formats getting in touch with us and joining the platform.