The Fall of NATO

NATO member Turkey has definitively chosen Russia over its so-called allies:

Russia and Turkey are switching to payments for Russian gas supplies in rubles, on which the two presidents agreed at negotiations in Sochi on Friday, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said.

“The presidents have agreed that we are beginning partial gas supplies and payments for them in rubles,” Novak told journalists.

Russia currently ships about 26 billion cubic meters of gas to Turkey annually.

“We are gradually switching to payments in national currencies, and part of the shipments will be paid for in Russian rubles now. This is a new stage indeed, which opens up new opportunities, including for the development of our monetary and financial relations,” Novak said.

Putin and Erdogan also discussed cooperation in the financial and banking sector, he said.

“Our commercial companies and our citizens should have an opportunity to pay [in national currencies] during their tourist trips and in the process of trade turnover,” Novak said.

Therefore, “the presidents discussed the financial-banking block, on which major agreements have been reached,” he said.

The NATO Nazis are very well advised to be concerned:

Western officials are “increasingly alarmed” that Turkey, a NATO ally and prospective EU member, is deepening its cooperation with Russia, the Financial Times has reported. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently returned from Sochi vowing to boost trade after talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Six unnamed Western officials told the newspaper that they were “concerned” about the plans of Russia and Turkey to cooperate on trade and energy. One EU official said that Brussels was monitoring relations between Ankara and Moscow “more and more closely,” given how Turkey seems to be “increasingly” becoming a platform for trade with Russia.

Turkey has rejected its formal allies because its leaders are more concerned about its national interests than the fancy pants and lollipops promised them by the Prometheans; Erdogan also knows that the USA sponsored the failed coup that was aimed at unseating him two years ago and is giving refuge to the man who was intended as his replacement. So, the Turks have clearly decided to place their bets on the side of the BRICSIA economic alliance despite being members of NATO.