Natural Immunity FTW

Karl Denninger conclusively proves, with incontrovertible evidence, that natural immunity to Covid is vastly superior to the Covid vaxxes even if one doesn’t take into account the way the vaxxes are reducing human life expectancies and birth rates:

As those of you know who read my column almost exactly one year ago I got Covid. Delta, in fact.

All the so-called “experts” said that your IgG titer would disappear within months, and thus after three months you really ought to get jabbed.

Bluntly: They lied.

I ran this a few minutes ago.

That is a quite-strong IgG titer. It has been one year, almost exactly, and that is arguably stronger in terms of IgG than what it was about 2 weeks after I recovered. At the time I also, as expected, had an IgM titer. That is obviously now gone as it should be…

It is proof that I have IgG antibodies circulating in my blood right here, right now, today and I was infected exactly once almost precisely one year ago.

In fact I still have a photograph of that test with a nice timestamp on it. This IgG read is stronger than the one I had two weeks post-recovery, implying that my protection was still building at that time and has not materially waned over the entire year since.

There was never, ever, any need for a Covid vaccine, even one that was, unlike the existing Covid vaxxes, genuinely safe and effective.

The so-called experts were wrong. The science lied. And the filthbloods all harmed themselves, and their children, for nothing.

UPDATE: A pilot adds his two cents.

I just got tested again, third time in 18 months via blood draw/lab. Same experience here. My IgG levels are nearly the SAME as they were over 2 YEARS AGO.