The Racism is Shocking

These South African rapists are fortunate that they didn’t commit their gang rapes in Sweden.

A teenager who was among eight models viscously gang-raped by an armed gang of illegal miners in South Africa while they were shooting a music video has described the horrific attack and told how she and her sister had their virginity ‘stolen’ by the men.

Nombosino, 19, whose name has been changed, and her 21-year-old sister had accepted a £15 a day job to model in a gospel music video when they were ambushed by the gang near an abandoned gold mine close to Krugersdorp on July 28.

The teenager, who feared for her life at the hands of the heavily armed gang, told how the men raped the black and Indian women but left the three white women who were among the 22-strong production crew alone.

The models and crew, the youngest of whom was 19 and the eldest 37, were raped up to ten times each over several hours by the criminals.

While these vibrant gentlemen wouldn’t face any jail time or have to worry about being deported from Sweden for committing gang rapes, they would almost certainly have found themselves imprisoned for the horrific crime of racist not-rape.

Ain’t Clownworld grand?