Friday Arktoons

HYPERGAMOUSE Episode 63: Ding Dong

A TAIL OF SONG AND SEA Episode 2: Bardic Duel

STREET LIGHTS Episode 9: Bed Time

THE SWORD OF GOD Episode 22: SocialGalactic’s Dark Corners

INVASION ’55 Episode 3: Light in the Darkness

SHADE Episode 49: A New Life

SAVAGE MEMES Episode 148: The Point

RIGHT HO JEEVES Episode 57: The Kingham Dance

CHATEAU GRIEF Episode 121: Armageddon Too Old for This

BOB Episode 56: The Good Reset

The Arktoons Production Editor points out that not only is Arktoons rapidly approaching 8 MILLION VIEWS, but today marks the first time there have been 10 – TEN – new daily episodes. Be sure to visit the newest Arktoons series, A TAIL OF SONG AND SEA.