Excess Death in Australia

As I said even before the mass vaccinations began, the one thing the statisticians can’t hide is the bodies.

Key statistics
– In 2022, there were 59,147 deaths that occurred by 30 April and were registered by 30 June, which is 8,513 (16.8%) more than the historical average.
– In April there were 14,492 deaths, 1,580 (12.2%) above the historical average.

Baseline comparisons
Throughout this report, counts of deaths are compared to an average number of deaths for previous years. In this report, data for 2021 is compared to an average number of deaths recorded over the 5 years from 2015-2019 as was the case in previous publications. Data for 2022 is compared to a baseline comprising the years 2017-2019 and 2021. 2020 is not included in the baseline for 2022 data because it included periods where numbers of deaths were significantly lower than expected. Counts of deaths for 2015-2021 are included in the baseline datacubes of the data downloads section of this report.

These average or baseline counts serve as a proxy for the expected number of deaths, so comparisons against baseline counts can provide an indication of whether mortality is higher or lower than expected in a given year. The minimum and maximum counts are also included to provide an indication of the range of previous counts. Minimums and maximums for any given week can be from any of the years included in the baseline.

Provisional Mortality Statistics Jan-Apr 2022, Australia Bureau of Statistics, 29 July 2022

In other words, now that 96 percent of the Australian adult population has been vaxxed, about 10 percent more people are dying than normal. I would anticipate that when the Australian birth rate information for 2022 is released, it will show a decline of around 20 percent against the average.

At this rate of depopulation, Australia will be peacefully absorbed into China before 2040.