The Unvaxxed Will Inherit the Earth

Strong evidence that the unvaccinated are more fertile than the vaccinated.

Interesting news on the birth rate drop front! It turns out that the highest vaccinated counties of Hungary have the worst drop in birth rates in 2022! This is a within-country comparison, comparing Hungarians to Hungarians, for the same time period.

You can see that the five least vaccinated counties experienced only a 4.66% drop in birth rates between Q1 of 2021 and Q1 of 2022. At the same time, five most vaccinated counties experienced a 15.2% drop in birth rates!

This is a tremendous 10.5% difference between birth rate outcomes! Put in other words, the birth rate decline in most heavily vaccinated Hungarian counties was THREE TIMES greater than the decline in least-vaccinated counties!

This is evidence, not conclusive proof, but the conclusive proof should not be long in arriving.