Europe’s First White Flag

The Hungarians are the first crack in the neo-liberal dam:

The Russia-Ukraine conflict could end the West’s dominance and shift the balance of power in the world, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said. Russia launched a military campaign against the neighboring country in late February.

Orban argued that the decision to impose sanctions on Moscow and supply Kiev with heavy weapons de facto turned the EU and NATO member states into participants in the conflict, but ultimately yielded no results.

“Instead, today we are sitting inside a car with flat tires on all four wheels,” Orban said in a speech in the Romanian city of Baile Tusnad on Saturday.

“The world is not only not with us, but it is demonstratively not with us,” the PM added, arguing that, instead of thinking about gaining the upper hand on the battlefield in Ukraine, the West should now focus on achieving peace through negotiations.

Orban also warned that the conflict could easily put an end to Western supremacy and “create a multipolar world order.”

“We must try to persuade the West to develop a new strategy,” the PM said. He later added that the conflict “will end when the Americans and the Russians come to an agreement.”

Well, better late than never. But Viktor Orban is very unlikely to pull his fellow European leaders out of their vast morass of self-justifying moronics, as they clearly have absolutely no grasp of which side the current balance of power favors or that the US military is entirely incapable of bailing them out of the geopolitical trap in which they have needlessly caught themselves.

The most successful European countries of the future will be the first ones to break with the neo-liberal order and make a separate, independent, and sovereign peace with the BRICSIA nations. There is absolutely no point in trying to convince retards to be reasonable; if they were capable of being reasonable then they wouldn’t have engaged in their previous retardery in the first place.

If they can convince themselves that being a “humanitarian superpower” counterbalances a military superpower, and that redefining “neutrality” permits not only taking sides in a military conflict, but imposing economic sanctions on one side, and that fighting a war against both China and Russia at the same time is winnable, then they are ineducable and irrelevant.

While Britain left the EU, it did not break with the neo-liberal order. Orban would do well by his people to do both. The world is changing. And the world order will change.