The Human Handgrenade

It does not appear things are going to get any more sensible in Great Britain anytime soon. Boris Johnson is going to be replaced as the Conservative Party Prime Minister by either a) a corrupt Indian with shady connections or b) a Remain lunatic who does a convincing neocon impression.

ITEM: It’s Liz vs Rishi for next PM! Truss will face Sunak in ballot of Tory members after surging to leapfrog Penny Mordaunt by just EIGHT votes in frantic day of wooing MPs

  • 137 Rishi Sunak
  • 113 Liz Truss
  • 105 Penny Mordaunt

Dominick Cummings clearly saw this coming, as he shared his thoughts on the leadership race, and the woman he dubbed The Human Handgrenade in particular, four days ago on his substack. Keep in mind that in spite of Sunak getting the most votes in every round, the early polls of the Tory MPs indicated that either Mordaunt or Truss would beat him in the final head-to-head competition. While those polls are not entirely reliable, one would have to say at this point that the highest probability outcome is that Britain will have a pro-EU globalist warmonger at the helm before the autumn.

I gave Truss the nickname ‘human handgrenade’ when she worked in the Department for Education. She said this week it was a ‘compliment’ because she gets things done. No. It was because she caused chaos INSTEAD OF getting things done. Truss is the only minister I shouted at in No10. The reason was her compulsive pathological leaking. As soon as she left any meeting she would call people like Harry Cole (The Sun) and blurt out what had been said. This routinely caused chaos and often damaged the UK. I called her over to No10. I sat in that tiny little room near the Cabinet room next to the loos (G39). I said to her: what are you doing leaking everything, stop, focus on your real job where you’re failing to grip your department, focus on that… The eyes had a thousand yard stare. ‘What do you mean the real job?’ she said. It was pointless to go on. For her, leaking to the media was the ‘real’ job. And in many ways, inside the Simulation, it is the real job!

Boris is supporting Truss. Why? 1) He thinks it’s the best way to stop Sunak. 2) He knows Truss is mad as a box of snakes and is thinking, ‘there’s a chance she blows, there’s another contest and I can return’.

And with the human handgrenade, she may catastrophically escalate the war — remember she has defined the goal as pushing Russia out of Crimea, which if seriously attempted would be seen by the vast majority of Russians (including anti-Putin Russians) as an attempt to destroy Russia and could lead to nuclear weapons.

Dominick Cummings, 16 July 2022

Truss is fully on-board with both the EU and the NATO Nazis, which suggests that the chances of the NATO-Russian war going hot will rise if she is elected.