The Matter is Settled

Scientist and Social Justician Titania McGrath not only explodes the myth of “biology”, but also answers the question that has plagued scientists and intellectuals for centuries.

Anyone who asks the question “what is a woman?” is thereby revealing that they have the intelligence of your average garden slug. This is why we shouldn’t trust these so-called “archaeologists” who claim to be able to determine whether those ancient skeletons they’ve uncovered are “male” or “female”. This is pure pseudo-science. Next they’ll be telling us they can work out their pronouns by measuring the femurs.

Let me settle this matter once and for all. A woman is anyone who says she is a woman. A woman is a feeling, a shimmering nimbus of possibility, an echo of distant dreams reverberating gingerly through a winter’s gloaming. She is a mewling constellation, a bagful of semi-felched pixies, the enchanted stardust that pirouettes luminously on the spindle of time.

This is logical and inevitable, in that science was defined as “anything that scientists do” more than a decade ago. Forget politics and self-determination, self-identification is now the ultimate scientific determinative.