Russia Won the Oil War

This was already obvious, but the latest additions to BRICSIA will make it undeniable.

Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Egypt plan to join BRICS, and their potential membership bids could be discussed and answered at next year’s summit in South Africa, Purnima Anand, the president of the BRICS International Forum, told Russian media on Thursday.

“All these countries have shown their interest in joining and are preparing to apply for membership. I believe this is a good step, because expansion is always looked upon favorably; it will definitely bolster BRICS’ global influence,” she told Russian newspaper Izvestia.

The BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) account for over 40% of the global population and nearly a quarter of the world’s GDP.

Saudia Arabia is the literal headline, but the more intriguing potential addition here is Turkey. How does Turkey remain a member of both BRICSIATES and NATO when the economic blocs are at war with each other? The logical conclusion: it doesn’t, it leaves NATO.

Which is why we should watch for an “unexpected” announcement that the EU has suddenly approved Turkey’s application for membership after 23 years of sitting on it. I doubt that will be enough to convince the Turks to stay on board with the globalists after decades of being treated like third-class non-citizens, but you never know.

Turkey leaving NATO would be a serious hammer blow to NATO’s credibility and stability, as adding Finland and Sweden but losing Turkey would completely change the strategic situation in Europe. Instead of Russia being surrounded on three sides, it would be the US-occupied European nations that are pinned against the Atlantic Ocean.