48 Facts Against the Vaxx

The list of the damning facts that comprehensively destroy the Covid vaccine narrative established by the government-media-science complex is growing. Read the whole list there.

Here is my list of over 40 indicators that the “safe and effective” narrative is falling apart.

It is a devastating list.

And for some reason, nobody wants to fact check me on it.

1. The vaccine deaths are now simply too massive to keep hiding/explaining them away:

Non-Covid excess deaths: why are they rising? Experts call for probe as mortality rates in England and Wales climb despite drop in coronavirus deaths

Excess deaths are on the rise – but not because of Covid

Office for National Statistics data leads health experts to call for urgent investigation into what is causing the excess mortality

England: Excess Deaths on the Rise But NOT because of COVID – Experts Call for Investigation

There is a 163% rise in life insurance claims at Lincoln National. They are the fifth largest insurance company in the US. The increase is huge. That’s not a 63% increase. It’s 163% increase, almost a tripling of the death rate. That isn’t COVID. COVID doesn’t kill anywhere close to that number of people. We are looking at the biggest killer in history and nobody can figure out what it is! Watch this video. You will never see a story on this on mainstream media; they ignore it. Note, part of the claims increase is due to premium increases (adding new clients).

Life insurance companies in countries all over the world are reporting record numbers of excess deaths. These are not “statistical fluctuations.” The deaths are all caused by a huge intervention that is affecting the health of millions of people. And it’s all new. Nothing like this ever happened before 2021. Nothing of this magnitude has EVER happened in their history (which goes back over 100 years).

2. Even John Campbell, who is pro-vaccine, admits that a troubling number of unexplained excess deaths are not just happening in the UK:

They are happening worldwide. Just listen to the first 30 seconds of this video. Of course, the CDC isn’t investigating anything even though American life insurance companies are reporting deaths that are off-the-charts. The CDC is NEVER going to investigate this. It’s bigger than COVID and they know full well what it is. That’s why they are NOT going to investigate and The NY Times is NEVER going to fault them for this. After all, it’s only the biggest medical cause of death in our history.

3. The overall shift in the cause of death from respiratory to cardiac is impossible to ignore and can’t be explained if the vaccines are “safe and effective.”

A friend of mine who lives in Massachusetts noticed this after he made a FOIA request for the death records in Massachusetts. He looked at the ICD-10 coded causes of deaths and noticed that the causes of deaths shifted from primarily “J codes” (respiratory due to COVID) to “I codes” (circulatory due to the vaccine). Now we learn that the exact same thing happened in the UK in 2021 according to official UK government numbers. This is a huge effect and there must be a cause, but the health authorities are simply baffled and cannot explain it (because they are not permitted to blame the vaccine since that would make everyone look bad). It’s safe to say that such a shift has never happened before in history. Clearly, something new happened starting in 2021 that affected massive numbers of people worldwide. I wonder what that might have been? Health authorities simply cannot come up with a single thing that was new in 2021.


Seriously, if you got vaxxed, you’re retarded.

Look, I’m sorry that you did it, I’m even sorry if that offends you, but the increasingly obvious fact is that you permanently damaged your health because you were stupid enough to take the word of a) a bunch of confirmed liars (aka the media), b) a profession whose track record is literally worse than a coin flip (aka the scientists), and c) elite global depopulationists who want to reduce the human population by 93.75 percent (aka Bill Gates and the Society of People You REALLY Don’t Want Babysitting Your Children.)

And if you encouraged your children to get vaxxed, you’re retarded squared. Cubed if they were pre-pubescent and under absolutely zero risk from Covid in the first place. Furthermore, you’ve probably pretty much guaranteed that they’re going to hate you for the rest of your reduced lifespan once they realize what you did to them in your retardery.

Maybe there is a way to reduce or undo the circulatory damage done by the vaxx. I certainly hope there is, for everyone’s sake. But in the meantime, for the love of everything that is good and beautiful and true in your life, STOP MAKING IT WORSE!