The Sins of the Debtors

There are evils beyond your ken. And there isn’t any doubt for whom Boris Johnson works anymore.

Families could be offered “multi-generational” 50-year mortgages allowing parents to pass on outstanding debt to their children, under plans being considered by Downing Street.

Boris Johnson revealed that he wants lenders to offer extra-long mortgages as a way of getting more people onto the property ladder. The prime minister told reporters that he was keen to find “all sorts of creative ways to help people into ownership”.

No 10 is understood to be looking at ways to create a market for intergenerational mortgages, letting buyers borrow over terms of 50 years – or even longer – if offspring are signed up to inherit property and pay the rest of the loan. The proposal would allow more people to buy a house in their forties and fifties, knowing they would not have to finish paying it off during their lifetimes.

It could also let more buyers keep moving into bigger homes, if they are able take out larger loans over longer time-frames.

Having run out of native debtors, the bankers turned to mass immigration to create new ones. And having subquently discovered that populations with lower time preferences are considerably less inclined to service their debts, they’re now desperately casting about for ways to seduce more people into debt servitude, with or without their consent, or even knowledge.

This is obviously all coming to an end soon, even without the external pressure of the BRICSIA forces on the foundations of the neo-liberal world order and its proxy armies.