That’s Not a Course Correction

CNN continues on its road to oblivion:

Licht has attempted to course correct what he sees as problems for the network’s credibility after his predecessor Jeff Zucker was ousted. He has ordered staff to stop using the phrase ‘the big lie’ to describe Donald Trump’s 2020 election fraud claims, as it’s a Democrat slogan.

The wording is a popular one for the network. According to Mediaite, the phrase has been said 168 times in the first half of June alone. Hosts like Reliable Sources’ Brian Stelter are often fond of the phrase to the point where they use it prominently in graphic packages and chyrons.

But Licht has ordered Stelter and other journalists to stop, and has suggested ‘Trump’s election lie’ or ‘election lie’ as possible replacements.

It’s really remarkable how these clowns go about trying to turn things around. No one watches this low-IQ liberal, so let’s offer them two DIFFERENT low-IQ liberals! No one likes the way you are attacking President Trump, so let’s try attacking President Trump from a different angle.

How about instead of changing the way you describe the lie, you consider the possibility that your assumption about the statement being false is incorrect and that no lie of any type has been told?

Nah, that’s just crazy talk that only the vast majority of the American people happen to believe…