Change the World by Being Yourself

Marvel’s self-immolation becomes increasingly more Dadaesque, with its introduction of a team of transgendered “superheroes“:

“The story introduces readers to four new trans characters, all of whom are equipped with their own unique set of skills. The group includes Pity Girl/Nora (she/her), who has the ability to hypnotize people with sad stories; Aphelion/Reed (they/them), who has freezing powers; Good Arson/Rex Ridley (he/him), who can ignite objects with his mind; and Faceshopper/Soph (she/her), who can shapeshift into items she deems “cool.”

Before long, the support group is interrupted when Spider-Man comes crashing through a wall followed by the Sinister Syndicate. The four heroes and D-Man quickly jump into action and apprehend the villains while Spider-Man takes a moment to recover and catch his breath.”

It’s terribly, terribly tempting to write a parody of this that ends in one detransition, two suicides, and a death by Monkeypox. But the debacle probably won’t last long enough to even get the parody started.

Pity Girl, in particular, sounds hilarious. She’s like the villain whose dark power is lethal monologues that inevitably end in the audience’s suicide.