Mailvox: Enjoy the Silence

Big Tech is so corrupted and converged that even the less-converged companies are in on the deplatforming game.

Today I noticed that Brave Search severely down-ranks Using the search term “infogalactic”, appears as the fifteenth result, on the second page of results.

I checked other major search engines using the same search term. Google seems to have completely removed from its search. Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Yandex all return as the first result, as they should.

According to this post by a Brave employee, 92% of Brave Search results are from their own crawler.

Brave Search isn’t even out of beta and it’s corrupted.

What’s more, the current version of Brave Browser (V1.39.122 released June 10th, 2022) doesn’t allow setting default search to anything other than a short, approved list (that excludes Yandex) despite documentation describing otherwise.

It’s not a big surprise. Brandon Eich is a good man, but he’s a techno-idealist who has never understood the necessity to secure his flanks and police his ranks. A pure meritocracy may sound nice, but since they are effectively defenseless against infiltration and convergence, the concept is intrinsically counterproductive. Once just one capable SJW gets inside, it’s only a matter of time before “merit” is redefined and the meritocracy ceases to exist.

Infogalactic support actually used to be built into Brave. Typing “:i” would automatically search Infogalactic. But once that was removed, it was pretty clear that Brave was eventually going to get converged. It probably won’t be more than two years before there is a serious attempt to eject him from the company he founded, presumably for committing one of the new satanic sins such as transphobia or pedophobia.