Mailvox: Coming Home with a Vengeance

The Covid chickens are coming home, apparently.

So I had to wait more than two years to go back to Australia to visit my family. I moved to Europe over a decade ago. I refused to get the Fauci Ouchi and caused a lot of grief with my family and friends who kept insisting “it´s just a vaccine”. My reply was Thalidomide was “just a morning sickness pill”.

So finally I am allowed back into Australia and go to a wedding which has now turned into a superspreader event. I was going to go the the cinema with friends of my parents who are all old, so I did a courtesy test 3 days after the wedding. It was a very, very bright red positive. I got PCR confirmed and continued to have zero symptoms. I had a bit of a headache which could possibly be just due to my jet lag. I had the urge to have hot showers for about 1 day as well.

My friend, who implemented a vaccine mandate at his job and actually fired 3 people because they refused, was also in attendance, and has since come down with a pretty bad case of it. I warned him not to get boostered or get any kind of clot shot and he called me a “conspiracy theorist”.

The thing is, calling someone a conspiracy theorist doesn’t somehow magically negate the observed existence of the conspiracy. Conspiracies are not ontological; they exist or not independent of anyone’s belief, or disbelief, in them.

It will be informative to learn how many more people have to die of “suddenly” before the inevitable Narrative Whiplash occurs and everyone suddenly knew all along that the global depopulationists were going to use a vaccine to kill large numbers of people, pretty much exactly as the X-Files and various other books, films, and TV shows suggested they would.

Classic narrative whiplash… As the war started Putin said that America and NATO are using Ukraine to try to destroy Russian power and bring their regime change project, so widespread in Eurasia for 30 years, to Moscow. And our Ministry of Truth — official government statements amplifed by the BBC, CNN, New York Times, Guardian et al — said ‘Nonsense anybody who believes this is a Putin Apologist’? And now? Now, Putin’s claim is Official Truth briefed out by the White House and No10 and if you don’t agree with using Ukraine to destroy Russian power and bring regime change to Moscow … ‘you’re a Putin apologist’! Another good example of the narrative whiplash we saw on covid as Official Truth switches 180 degrees and mainstream media instantly turns without reflection.

Domnick Cummings, Substack, 6 June 2022