The Downhill Slide

The owner of a trucking company explains why the USA is rapidly sliding into the worst recession it has ever seen.

I own a small trucking company, and this is what the fuel crisis is doing to our country… Today I filled up my truck to deliver products that help keep our country fed. When I filled up my truck, it cost me $1,149.50. This is ONE truck, for ONE day of fuel. I own three. So for one day of operation, it’s costing me $3,448.50. (Yes, we use a full tank of fuel every single day, sometimes more than 1 tank per day).

My trucks generally run 5-6 days a week, so we’ll just estimate on the low side and say five. That’s $17,242.50. Last week was over $20k for ONE week, that I have to pay out of my pocket to try and keep not only my children fed, but those of my employees, and our country.

Mark my words, we are on a downhill slide to the worst recession our country has ever seen. Trucking companies are going under left and right. (Literally hundreds weekly.) If you’re not aware, what you’re wearing, what you’re eating, what you’re living in, what you’re driving, what you’re reading this on, was delivered by a truck.

If something drastic doesn’t change in the next few weeks/months, I promise you, you’ll see empty shelves everywhere you look. You’ll see chaos as people fight for the basic necessities of everyday life. Food, medicine, etc…

I pray that all of you have the ability, knowledge, and skills to fend for yourselves. Not only against those who would do you or your family harm, but to be able to find sustainable food and water.

Fortunately, Russia is about to surrender any day now due to the brave Ukrainian military forces that are already within sight of Moscow, so fuel prices should rapidly decline to affordable levels before people actually start to starve.

Even so, it would be foolish to rely upon military outcomes, no matter how certain we are. So, why not just convert the entire US truck fleet to electric engines? Or – and let’s face it, this is thinking well outside the box – what about powering each truck with its own windmill? Since driving generates wind, a wind-powered vehicle should be able to operate for pennies on the diesel dollar!

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that Ukraine is Poland, Europe is Japan, and the USA is Germany in this upsized cartoon remake of WWII. Which, of course, makes Russia England and China the Soviet Union.

Russia ramps up gas supply to China. Gazprom intends to become China’s biggest natural gas supplier, accounting for more than 25% of Chinese imports by 2035.