They Really Do Always Double Down

Wow, 20 Minutes wasn’t even as cautious as 24 Heures. They just dove right in there, judicial precedent be damned.

Der amerikanische White-Supremacy-Aktivist und Rassist Theodore Beale (53), der sich Vox Day nennt, lebt schon länger in der Schweiz. Nun hat er ein Schloss im Kanton Freiburg gekauft – und will dieses zu einem Zentrum für Gleichgesinnte machen.

It’s truly going to be amusing to watch the rapid backtracking when they finally discover that I’m an American Indian, not a “White Supremacy Activist and Racist”. Although “Activist” is probably the most puzzling accusation. I don’t even do band tours or book-signings, let alone take direct action to achieve political goals.

But at least they got the “Christian Nationalist” label correct. So, give them that.