Truth Social: A Review

NeonRevolt tries out the new social media platform and shares his opinion:

Truth Social is like being trapped in the world’s gayest Boomer containment unit, where Dan Bongino and Charlie Kirk fanbois celebrate their successful “throuple-ing” alongside the gender reveal of their gay test-tube babies, while posting weak memes from 2014 like they’re somehow still digital owns.

Oh, you can post Chippendale’s Make America Gay Again to your heart’s content, but call anyone a faggot or a retard, and cyber-Nunes will emerge from the clouds to Stalin your post from the timeline, so you won’t hurt Richard Grenell’s feelings.

Anything other than slavish devotion to Durham and the promise of “2 more weeks” is met with all the typical whining.

Sounds like yet another Republican gatekeeper platform. Hard pass.