To Merit Forgiveness

Karl Denninger explains what is necessary:

To merit consideration of forgiveness you must do all of the following first with no assurance you’ll receive forgiveness in return:

Contrition — which of course requires an admission you ****ed up. You must admit, not tacitly but deliberately and consciously, communicating it as publicly as your original error — you were wrong and you did wrong.

Restitution for the harm — when possible. Not always possible, but when it IS possible it has to be proffered voluntarily, not pried out by landsharks or bullets, because if you actually HAVE contrition then you willingly admit you owe the harmed party(s). This is not a matter of punitive retribution; the willful and non-coerced offering of same is THE act that proves #1 is real and not words from the mouth of a snake.

A vow and, in the realm of business or political activity, legal and enforceable contractual strictures to prevent it from happening again.

All must be offered willingly and freely, not by legal or other coercion and even if doing so risks legal retribution before any consideration of forgiveness is to be undertaken. Further, all three do not guarantee or obligate forgiveness, but all three are a predicate before the person harmed should consider forgiveness.

God doesn’t forgive the unrepentant. Why would you?