The Second Front

The Chinese clearly understand that the Russian Special Military Operation in Ukraine is just a small part of a much bigger conflict with the armed forces of the neo-liberal world order:

My colleagues and I have repeatedly pointed out that the conflict may appear to be a conflict between Russia and Ukraine, but in fact it is one between Russia and the US-led NATO. The EU should reflect on who is benefiting from this war, who has been turned into a battlefield in this war, and who has suffered the biggest loss during this war….

The US breached its assurances and continuously promoted the eastward expansion of NATO, which is undoubtedly responsible for the outbreak of the Ukraine crisis. The Russia-Ukraine conflict has triggered an unprecedented refugee crisis as more than five million Ukrainians entered neighboring European countries, while the US is staging a political stunt in accepting refugees. Only 12 Ukrainians entered the US through the refugee program in March. As the UN and the international community call for an early end to the conflict, the US continues to add fuel to the fire, clamoring for a fight “to the last Ukrainian”. Besides, the US keeps providing funding and arms to Ukraine. What it is really trying to achieve here is not peace, but the continuation the conflict so that Russia will be weakened, as admitted by the US. 

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian’s Regular Press Conference on April 29, 2022

It’s rather fascinating to see how the Chinese are talking openly about a reality at which the entire Western media has barely even begun hinting. It’s going to be fascinating to see how the media propagandists attempt to ignore their previous narrative, just as they’ve completely ignored the fact that their military experts were telling us that the Russian military was going to run out of arms and ammunition within 10 days about 45 days ago.

The Russians have been using far fewer troops than was originally assumed and reported, and I very much doubt this is because they have a much smaller military than was previously thought. They have also been using second-line troops and older armor. Which makes it obvious that Russia knew, from well before the start of the initial operations, that NATO was the actual enemy for whom it had to be prepared.

And it’s now equally clear that China knew it too. Which raises the obvious question: when is China going to open the second front?