Mailvox: It Was Their Choice (German Edition)

We know the Narrative has shifted, since governments and corporations are now attempting to escape responsibility for the very gene therapies they mandated for their citizens and employees:

Was recently privy to some internal discussion at a large, German software company which indicated that employees filing for additional medical reimbursement for vaxx-related injuries are being told that it was their personal choice to be vaxxed or not. 

This flies in the face of the policy of said company which had it’s own private mandate in the US division.  Employee identification badges which also serve as office entry passes for electronic locks were disabled until they provided vaxx documentation in an internally developed software application.  Until the documentation was posted into the app, access was denied.  There was discussion of allowing religious or medical exemptions, but deadlines were shifted and there was never a final, final date enforced for the exemption to be put in place.  

All of this is in light of the recent notification that the vaccine “policy” (it’s a mandate) is only “suspended” currently.  It hasn’t been eliminated or revoked… it’s only suspended.  

In other words, this corporation still has a mandate, but it’s going to try to pretend it never existed in the first place. Even if the courts are entirely corrupt, that’s a bold move, Cotton. We’ll see how that works out for them.