How the World Really Works

AC explains that the way the world actually works is not at all how the globalist establishment’s Narrative tells you it works.

I used to be purely mechanistic, and “scientific,” in quotes, because I was really just adopting what I was told by those I thought understood the world as a cause and effect mechanism. There were molecules, and physics, and rules, and everything was just sort of there, clicking away as a clockwork mechanism, which began with a chemical soup, accreted into “life,” which was just a sort of curious quirky self-perpetuating chemical reaction. And it all happened as they said, we were the first here, and it was all as it appeared. It was a fairly cohesive theory, as you could follow it from beginning to end and it made sense and looked good on the surface, given the lies we were told and what was hidden.

The Bible was some weird book of fairy tales, which people latched on to and claimed was true, but which was vastly inferior to understanding what I thought was a coherent story of life’s formation, evolution, and our present state.

As time went on, I saw things, from Bob seemingly getting taken over by some weird evil personality, to feeling the golden glow raining down from above which you see in old Renaissance paintings, right at the moment when I first took the fork which led to this path. That warm glow of love raining down on people in those paintings was not some artist’s concoction to simulate God’s love and grace. It is actually a real phenomenon I assume people were feeling back then as the Dark Ages passed and the chosen began to embark on their given roles. When I felt it there was someone else there who felt it too. I assume God knew as a mechanist, I would have written it off as some neural quirk inside my brain, but for a witness. So He gave me a witness. It is a weird, warm glow of happiness and love that clearly rains from above, and makes you feel different and uplifted, almost euphoric.

So I was realizing religion and God were real things, and there was something else going on in this world from my own experiences, even before I found out the evil leaders in this world were using occult worship to seek favor from some evil entity with the power to grant favors in this world. And now we find out there was some sort of interdimensional, technologically sophisticated entity which had been here long before humans, hidden from us, and which was making fun of our most advanced military tech and operations as it ran circles around them. It appears it can present itself to us in all sorts of ways to trick us as to its true nature. And you know it is in our government, because it has to have intel operations, and that is how intel operations roll.

Once you break through, and realize there are actually things like that out there which you don’t see in the text books, then you begin wondering, if there are these incredible things, with such power, so consequential, how is it they not only don’t talk about them in school or the text books, but they actually spend considerable time telling you there is nothing to it? It is like psychic abilities. I have no hard data either way on that one, but I am fucking haunted by the fact they tested all the GATE kids in our school, apparently were testing GATE kids nationally for psychic ability, and at the same time were lying to all of us, telling each class it was just a one-off thing they were doing once that year, for some study at a local university – as they were doing it to everyone for decades. Why lie?

And all along was the Bible, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”
More accurate than anything taught in school, in college, in our news media. It is the only thing not either clueless or outright lying to us. And the amazing thing is, it didn’t just come out and get revealed. It was there all along, and the establishment has been attacking it from Day One.

So yeah, I think the Bible is really the main text book now for how this world works.

I came to much the same conclusions for very different reasons, but the important thing to keep in mind is that even a fairly basic knowledge of what has passed for science for the last 30 years will rapidly convince anyone of sufficient intelligence that a) the scientific narrative is not only false, but impossible, b) science doesn’t offer rational explanations for the vast majority of things it purports to explain, and c) the scientific profession is actively engaged in hiding and/or explaining away a considerable amount of information that directly contradicts the scientific narrative.

And all of this is correctly anticipated and explained by the Biblical narrative, which describes a world that is fallen from perfection, filled with sin, and ruled by evil.

The Problem of Evil for the secular perspective should not be underrated. It is so fundamental a problem that it is almost impossible to examine it honestly and not reject the secular perspective entirely.