The Failure of Capitalism

Capitalism and Contract Law are like pretty much everything else, which is to say, beneficial in moderation. While it’s true that two of the reasons for retarded economic development are a) a lack of capital and b) unreliability, having no labor force is even more detrimental and having no viable population growth is a downright showstopper.

Furious locals at a Yorkshire fishing village are ‘heartbroken’ as they accuse city-dwelling staycationers of ‘killing’ their community by snapping up ‘all but five’ properties to use as second homes and holiday lets while house prices ‘go through the roof’.

Robin Hood’s Bay, an idyllic seaside spot around six miles south of Whitby in the North York Moors National Park, surged in popularity among locked-down Britons who were discouraged from taking foreign holidays during the Covid crisis.

Most properties have since been gobbled up as second homes or holiday lets by urban outsiders ‘within hours of being listed’, with rocketing prices – in some cases, almost doubling in the past eight years – now preventing many families from getting their foot on the housing ladder.

Angry residents have blasted the ‘absolute nightmare’ trend of staycationers buying local homes, and are now calling for ‘more balance’, warning that those who have lived in Robin Hood’s Bay for decades are seeing the community dwindle.

Now that theory has been put into practice for several decades, globalism is rapidly proving to be less economically viable then communism and less societally sustainable than feminism.

Boris Johnson has been warned of a ballot box backlash amid anger that English villages are being ‘swallowed up’ by sprawling towns.

Planning reforms designed to help the government hit its target of 340,000 new homes a year are still expected to be a significant factor at local elections next month, despite desperate efforts to defuse the issue.

Countryside advocates claim that villages particularly in southern England are losing their identity as they become part of a wider sprawl from towns with profit-hungry developers building on green belt land to reduce their costs.

Concerns are also mounting over a so-called ‘rural flight’ of young people who are being forced to leave villages because of a lack of housing and job opportunities which is ‘hollowing out’ small communities around the UK.

Developments are said to be being passed more easily by councils keen to hit Government targets, which is also resulting in a lack of affordable housing being built in these areas because it is less lucrative for developers.

It’s also becoming obvious why the globalists see human depopulation as necessary. Their system simply doesn’t work anywhere nearly as well as it was advertised.