Western Troops Trapped in Mariupol

The persistent rumors of US and other troops surrounded in the besieged remnants of Mariupol have been officially confirmed by the Russians:

We finally have high level confirmation from Russian officials that NATO instructors and foreign fighters are in fact trapped in Mariupol.

Firstly Russian State Duma member Adam Delimkhanov in an interview with RT has openly stated he estimates around 100 such foreigners there, and that they are in communication with them and the rumors are true that they are trying to negotiate a release and escape corridor. It seems to imply all those Macron rumors were accurate.

Igor Konashenkov on the other hand, also confirms that significant numbers of foreign fighters are known to be there because Russia can hear them crying in over 6 different languages in intercepted radio calls. Not to mention there’s now a report that they tried to break through the blockade with a ship to rescue them (ran out of helicopters I guess?)

So this is no longer the realm of speculation and fantasy.

This is proof of an act of war by whatever government’s troops, which presumably include both the USA and France, are trapped there. The only question is if they have sufficient PR and intel value to the Russians to prevent the Russians from simply flattening the buildings in which they are holed up with artillery.