Regime Change in Russia

Joe Biden unilaterally declares war on the nation with the most nuclear weapons on the planet.

Now we deign to ourselves the right to remove a nuclear power’s leader and denude its government?

What has Putin argued was the goal of The United States and NATO all along, starting with the lies put forward during the integration process of Germany, we have now confirmed as official US policy?

To destroy Russia — erase it as a nation and replace its government with one fashioned after our ideals.

We have called this claim of Putin’s propaganda, and claimed that was not our goal, nor that of the Western Nations, including but not limited to NATO and the remainder of Europe.

President Biden just admitted that Putin not only as not publishing propaganda now he was never wrong; the Russian premise, that our actions from 2004 forward when we admitted former Soviet satellites to NATO, was indeed to destroy Russia’s government and Russian national identity.

“In this battle we need to be clear-eyed. This battle will not be won in days, or months, either,” Biden said.

So this is not really about Ukraine at all, is it?


Ukraine is simply a foil, a convenient hotbed of corruption that was “useful” to the underlying goal.

The official goal of the Biden Administration is the destruction of Russia.

For the last two decades, across Adminsitrations, it has been about destroying Russia.

And as long as Biden and those who enable him to continue to be President do so it will continue to be about exactly that, which means the real “western goal” is exactly what Putin said it was, and which we stridently (and falsely) maintained it was not.

We got away with this — a policy of “regime change” — in multiple other places. Bosnia and Iraq to name two of several.

Putin isn’t the problem with this statement.

The entire Russian Federal Assembly, along with the Russian people are the problem. Joe Biden just declared war on their political system, their representation such as it is, and their way of life, stating that the United States is now committed to their destruction however long it may take, recognizing and committing to the fact that it will not occur in days, weeks or months.

Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad. It’s worth noting that Russia clearly pays very close attention to these sort of anti-Russian statements by national leaders and takes them at face value.