Rhetorical Overload

The Ukrainian PR department is out of control:

Russia is stockpiling the bodies of dead Ukrainians to stage a false flag attack at Chernobyl, releasing radioactive waste in a ‘man-made catastrophe’ that would amount to a ‘terrorist attack’, Ukraine has warned.

Vladimir Putin has ordered his troops to release radioactive waste at the nuclear site which he plans to blame on Ukrainian ‘saboteurs’ in order to justify further escalating his barbaric war against the ex-Soviet country, officials fear.

Kyiv’s Military Intelligence Directorate said Kremlin forces have been collecting ‘fake evidence’ for the planned operation at the power plant which was captured by Russian forces on the first day of the invasion, and has since been manned by staffers at gunpoint.

They said in a statement: ‘Russian car refrigerators collecting the bodies of dead Ukrainian defenders were spotted near the Antonov airport in Hostomel. There is a possibility that they will be presented as killed saboteurs in the Chernobyl zone.’

The disaster – which would almost certainly cause radioactive fallout to land on Russia – would be used to justify the use of further force against Ukraine and ‘blackmail the global community’ for sanctioning Russia and providing weapons to Ukraine.

But there are fears there could also be an accidental leak at the nuclear site because the Russians manning it have ‘no clue about nuclear security protocols’, the daughter of a overnight staffer warned.

Who writes these things, the descendants of Rube Goldberg? It’s pretty clear that the same sort of fiction writers who produced with ridiculous implausibilities like the Rollercoaster of Death at Auschwitz and the Smashed Incubators of Kuwait have been commissioned to create the rhetoric intended to demonize the Russians presently liberating Ukraine from The Empire That Never Ended.

And, of course, it may be intended as cover for what the imperial troops tried, and failed, to do, just as material evidence of US bioweaponry labs is being somehow cited as conclusive proof of Russian devilries.

Whenever you see this sort of inversion, you know Satan’s little servitors are hard at work. And the clumsier and the more complicated it is, the more certain you can be that the opposite is much closer to the truth.

At this rate, we should be seeing breathless news stories about how Russian techno-necromancers are saving radioactive ice-covered Ukrainian corpses in order to turn them into glowing battle zombies and send them into Kiev to devour women and children at night in about two weeks.

Oh, the outrage! Shelling maternity hospitals was bad enough, but atomic cannibal war zombies is simply too much. Tell it to the Marines!