Invented News

Dominic Cummings rightly excoriates the complete fiction being pushed in total ignorance by the globalist media:

Much more ‘news’ is invented than people realise. It was clearly worse in summer 2019 than 2016. It got worse in 2020. And it’s always worse in a war. Many front page stories are pure inventions. Many senior western journalists now retweet army training scenes from years ago and literally video game footage as if it’s ‘heroic UKR defence’ — some of them do this while also pontificating on ‘disinformation’ and ‘what a heroic job the media is doing’.

As the media thrashes around in one emotional spasm after another, herding towards some conventional wisdom then, after a spasm, herding in a new direction, the narrative whiplash intensifies: closing the borders is racist against China… closing the borders is obviously sensible only Brexit idiots oppose it… masks don’t work … wear masks or you’re evil… ‘the rule of law’ is fundamental, ‘process’ is good… seize the evil’s people stuff now, ‘process’ is an intolerable smokescreen… sanctions won’t hurt normal Russians just the regime … we’ll use sanctions to wreck their economy and anti-war Russians (the most anti-Putin!) must be booted out of everything from chess to opera (even though it’s what Putin wants us to do)… it’s an invasion, he wants millions of Ukrainians in Russia… it’s genocide, he wants to kill all the Ukrainians…

Many of them are now cheerleading for things like a ‘no fly zone’ in total ignorance of the history of nuclear near-misses and how lucky we were to survive the Cold War.

Many set up a false dichotomy when attempting to discern the intentions of their enemies. But in the case of the globalist media, embrace the healing power of the concept of “and”. Because the globalist media is BOTH evil AND stupid.

And the conservative media is entirely compromised. You cannot trust any of it. Both Fox News and Newsmax took the Fake Biden administrations Covid propaganda money to push the fake vaccines to their viewers:

He discovered that nearly the entire corporate media took money from the Biden Administration to push the vaccines to their audiences without disclosing it. More importantly, so-called “conservative” media organizations took money from the Biden Administration to spin positive stories about deadly and ineffective vaccines to their conservative viewers who were right to be suspicious — and did not disclose it.

Fox News took the money and said nothing to its conservative viewers.

Newsmax took the money and said nothing to its conservative viewers.