Neocons Threaten China

Unless they really do seek to fight and lose a two-front World War III – and I do not dismiss the possibility – the neocons are demonstrating that they are even more geostrategically retarded than we thought they were:

The US has hinted at retaliation against China should it avoid following sanctions imposed on Russia after its attack on Ukraine late last month. Beijing, meanwhile, consistently argued that economic restrictions only exacerbate conflicts.

During Monday’s press briefing, White House spokesperson Jen Psaki was asked if sanctions will push Moscow into deeper ties with Beijing.

“They can’t backfill the impact of these sanctions from China. It’s just not possible,” Psaki argued. “Now, we’ve also seen China abide by the sanctions that have been put in place.”

At the same time, Psaki noted that Beijing abstained when the UN General Assembly voted to condemn Russia’s attack on Ukraine last week. “If they don’t abide by the sanctions, we always have – you know, we clearly have means to take steps, but that’s what we’ve seen to date,” the White House spokesperson said.

China has backed a diplomatic solution to the conflict and has consistently spoken out against economic restrictions. “We are deeply concerned with the ever-increasing unilateral sanctions, which are not a fundamental and effective way to solve the problem,” Zhang Jun, China’s envoy to the UN, said on Monday. “They will have serious humanitarian consequences and spillover effects that will hurt other countries.”

Speaking to reporters the same day, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called Moscow his country’s “most important strategic partner.” The friendship between the two is “ironclad,” he said.

China is not going to abide by the imperial sanctions. China does not kowtow to the Empire That Never Ended, having rejected its blandishments and temptations more than six years ago. To the contrary, it increasingly appears that China is going to choose its side and make its opening move as soon as either a) NATO attacks Russia or b) NATO successfully provokes Russia into providing it with a casus belli.

As if to drive home the point that it will not stand by idly while the US conspires against it, China announced on Friday it was conducting a week-long military exercise in the South China Sea, near the territorial waters of Vietnam. While the scope and scale of the exercise is limited—encompassing a six nautical mile radius—its messaging was clear: China is prepared to use force, if necessary, to defend its disputed territorial claims in the region.

China pushes back against the US in the Pacific, Russia Today, 7 March 2022

Forget Taiwan island. It will reunite with the mainland; that is already a done deal. The question is what happens with a) Australia and New Zealand, b) the Philippines, and c) Japan. I note that we’ve heard virtually nothing about the Philippines since the conflict began and they do not appear on the Russian list of hostile countries. It would not surprise me if the Dutarte government has already chosen to ally with China, which would be a major blow to both the USA and Japan in the Pacific.

Note that Russia is already justified in attacking both Poland and Romania in order to shut down the pipeline of weapons being supplied to Ukraine. That it has not yet done so demonstrates its continued restraint in the face of great and increasing provocations.

Don’t be confused by the relentless globalist propaganda being pushed by the media. There is absolutely no question that in this specific historical situation, it is the NATO forces being utilized as a weapon by the Empire that are the bad guys. It’s not the 1950s, or even the 1980s, anymore.