The USA Wants War

It just doesn’t want to take responsibility for starting it. The idiot neocons in the State Department just keep piling on the provocations:

US Secretary of State Tony Blinken told CBS News on Sunday that Washington has given a “green light” to NATO members to supply Ukraine with fighter jets, and that the US would work to replace any jets sent to Kiev. Blinken spoke after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged US lawmakers to intervene in the ongoing conflict with Russia.

Asked whether NATO members could begin sending planes to Ukraine, Blinken said “that gets a green light.” The US’ top diplomat then said that Washington was already working with Polish officials to “backfill” any aircraft they send to Ukraine – meaning the US would replace every Polish aircraft given to Kiev with an American one.

Supplying a belligerent with military material makes the supplier a co-belligerent. This is so brazen it doesn’t even qualify as a false flag; it’s similar to how the US got itself into WWI by loading up the Lusitania with arms, then decrying the sinking of the “passenger liner” by the Germans.

But let the record show that if there is war between Russia and NATO, it was with the full knowledge and connivance of the Fake Biden administration.

And soon everyone may be able to find out why the Russians haven’t been demonstrating the capabilities of their air force or their air defense systems.