The Nuclear False Flag

The globohomo leaders are decrying a “Russian attack on a Ukrainian nuclear power plant” despite the absurdity of the claim.

Boris Johnson says ‘the security of the whole of Europe has been put at risk’ by Russia’s attack on Ukrainian nuclear power plant as Putin’s troops set it ablaze and seize control of the complex.

This was an obvious attempt at a false flag, as the Russian Ministry of Defense’s response proves:

The spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Defense, Major General Igor Konashenkov, issued an official statement on Friday morning concerning the shootout and fire that had occurred at Ukraine’s Zaporozhskaya nuclear power plant earlier the same day.

“Last night, an attempt to carry out a horrible provocation was made by Kiev’s nationalist regime on the area surrounding the station,” he announced, claiming the Russian troops patrolling the territory had been attacked by a Ukrainian sabotage group.

According to the spokesman, the Ukrainian forces had attacked Russian soldiers at about 2am local time, opening heavy fire from the training facility next to the power station in order to “provoke a retaliatory strike on the building.”

The Russian patrol had neutralized the group’s firing points, but the saboteurs had then set fire to the training facility as they retreated, Konashenkov said. The blaze was put out by the Ukrainian State Emergency Service’s firefighters. “At the moment of provocation, no staff members were at the facility,” he noted.

The Russians already control most of the Ukrainian nuclear facilities. Taking control of them was one of the Russian military’s primary objectives. If they had any desire to blow one or more of them up and create a Chernobyl-style situation, they have the ability do so at any time. The fact that they haven’t done so, and that they continue not to do so, is sufficient evidence that they have no desire to do so.

It is, of course, the Zelensky regime that desperately wants to shriek about atrocities in order to support its false narrative, that has the motivation, albeit not the means, to create such a catastrophe. Hence the false flag, and the dutiful “Western” complaints about the false flag.

The Empire That Never Ended loves false flags. It’s a standard element of its repertoire. Always be aware of the probability – not merely the possibility – that any apparent “atrocity” that works to its benefit has been staged.