One in Thirty

It’s almost certain that someone you know is going to die of the long-term adverse affects of the vaxx, if Karl Denninger’s calculations are anywhere close to the mark.

One in thirty. That’s my latest “best guess” when it comes to people who took the jabs for permanent and material impairment of their health.

One in thirty.

Incidentally that might be conservative; I would not be surprised if its worse than that.

My estimates in this regard keep going the “wrong” way; what was a couple months ago one in a couple hundred is now close to ten times worse than that.

This is yet another data set, this time from Israel and Pfizer which was intentionally suppressed and is still being intentionally suppressed.

1 in 30 is about 3% of all recipients. There will be a skew but exactly where it lands is not yet known. There is a furious attempt at present to deflect the most-obvious and outrageous examples of harm, specifically cardiac damage in young men, with the claim that “its transitory.”

That’s flat-out BS; heart damage is nearly always both cumulative and permanent.

What’s also in the data and extremely serious is this:

Roughly 24% of people with pre-existing autoimmune disorders, and 5%-10% of those with diabetes, hypertension, and lung and heart disease, also reported a worsening of their condition.

That’s not 1 in 30 — its anywhere from one in 20 to one in FOUR!

These are not transient problems folks; they’re disability-enhancing or even disability-causing health problems.

Nor is the one in ten women under 54 reporting menstrual changes. This is not normal and again is wildly greater than one in thirty.

This isn’t an abstract thing and it isn’t a joke. A member of my family – fully vaxxed and boosted – died at the age of 42 ten days ago of a pulmonary edema. And while the jury is still out concerning the official cause of death and we don’t actually know it was the vaxx… we all know it was the vaxx.

So, it’s important to be tranquil and mentally prepared about the transience of life, because the chances are pretty high that you know more than 30 people.

How admirable!
to see lightning and not think
life is fleeting.